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Experienced. Available. Supportive.

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Our team of counselors is a proud part of the Montgomery County Christian community serving individuals and marriages desiring to achieve a life filled with purpose and hope in Christ. We work to facilitate self growth and wellness by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can receive healing, renewal, and peace.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Montgomery County, close to Woodforest, Montgomery, Magnolia, The Woodlands, and Conroe. 

We can be an important part of your personal support team in your journey of healing and pursuit of relationship with Jesus.

Meet our Team.


Kristin Abrahams MA, BCCC

Kristin Abrahams founded Woodforest Counseling in 2019 After seeing a need in central Montgomery County for Christian counseling. She is passionate about counseling and applying core therapeutic principles with biblical wisdom to best serve her clients. Her desire is to help individuals and marriages find purpose, hope, and healing in the midst of new and challenging circumstances.
She holds a Masters Degree from Colorado Christian University in Counseling and earned her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) during that time. Currently, she holds a BCCC (Board Certified Christian Counselor) and is a certified Prepare/Enrich marriage facilitator.


She led with her church in their Merge, Re-Engage, and Regeneration (pre-marriage, marriage and addiction recovery) ministries for 7 years and walks with women in their journey towards God and understanding His will for their lives.

Additional areas of expertise also include adolescent counseling, health and nutrition, as well creating a safe space for local ministry leaders to find rest, recovery and rejuvenation. Her discerning and compassionate approach create a warm, inviting, and safe environment.

Kristin Abrahams

Paul Abrahams

Paul Abrahams is a business coach and pastoral counselor.  He works in business getting leaders on the same page so they can get their business running smoothly and with transparency and open communication amongst the team. He works with men to face their fears and grow in Christ as they deal with coming to grips with biblical manhood. Paul grew up outside of Houston in Cypress, Paul met his wife Kristin in college studying at Texas A&M University. Immediately after his receiving his bachelors, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary working towards a Masters. At the start of his career he spent 12 years leading 2 closely-held family businesses in NW Houston and learned the importance of the business world as a mission field. After this, he studied for his Masters in Counseling Psychology at Mars Hill Graduate School (now Seattle School of Theology and Psychology) learning from Christian psychology leaders like Roy Barsness and Dan Allender.

In addition to biblical concepts, Paul utilizes biblical concepts of healing and personal responsibility from 12 step programs like AA, Celebrate Recovery, Regeneration, and Prepare Enrich as well as enneagram. He has led many small groups and men individually in ReEngage and Regeneration (both ministries of Watermark Community Church) in The Woodlands and Colorado for the last 9 years. His main focus is helping couples to have healthy spiritual oneness in Christ and walking with men on their journeys to freedom from sin. He leads one on one, couples, small and large group sessions each week. Paul is available Tuesday through Thursday.

Paul Abrahams


Fawn Creighton MA, LPC

Fawn has decades of experience in the healthcare arena that led her to helping people through her counseling. 

Fawn's main passion revolves around nurturing healthy relationships among individuals and couples through biblical counseling principles. She specializes in adult and couples counseling, pediatric ADHD, PTSD, autism, eating disorders, and various anxiety and depression-related disorders. In addition to her focus on technology addiction, where she aids individuals and families in overcoming internet, gaming, and social media dependencies, Fawn emphasizes the integration of biblical wisdom to guide her clients towards healing and redemption in their lives and relationships. 


Fawn’s counseling approach underscores the centrality of God in every aspect of healing and growth, recognizing His sovereignty and love as foundational to her practice. She endeavors to guide her clients towards a deeper understanding of God’s grace and wisdom, believing that true transformation and restoration come through aligning one’s life with His principles and purposes.

Fawn Creighton

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