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(Enjoy) The Silence

The world today is a symphony (or better termed clanging) of unending noise. The constant flow of auto traffic, the persistent notifications from our smartphones, sights and sounds from streaming TV’s, and our inner monologue occupy us. In this tumultuous world of constant activity and activities, silence and quiet should emerge as a rare and treasured commodity.

Silence does not merely imply the absence of auditory stimuli but encapsulates an active practice of deep listening.Becoming quiet unfolds as a treasury of benefits. It extends an invitation to engage in self-reflection, an inward voyage into the recesses of your mind.

The Bible regularly talks about the importance of silence. Psalm 46:10 admonishes, "Be still, and know that I am God." This timeless verse underscores the profundity of encountering the Divine within the serenity of one's heart. We are built to listen to God's counsel, seek His divine will, and bask in the abundance of His love. God's love and his Holy Spirit reveals itself in these quiet moments or as we say at our church, in the secret place.

Here are a few practical methods that you can bring silence into your life and start listening to God:

1. Meditation, rooted in contemplation, offers an avenue to the God. Commence with modest intervals and incrementally extend the duration as comfort and proficiency are acquired. Don’t be fooled into believing meditation is not a Christ-centered practice! For centuries our monks and fathers have practiced this form of prayer.

2. Prayer, as a form of communication with God, requires not only utterance but attentive reception. Dedicate moments during prayers to sit in silence, prepared to receive divine communication.

3. Nature, in its profound serenity, invites the human spirit to withdraw from clamor and attune to the divine presence. As a golf enthusiast, the tranquil vistas of a golf course may resonate with the notion of quietude.

Bound to the theme of redemption that we speak of often in our office is the concept of silence. It can functions as the initial step in the process of healing and redemption, allowing us to hear the still small voice of God. Within the confines of silence, individuals confront their fears, acknowledge their regrets, and lay bare their wounds. It is in this hushed milieu that they concede their need for redemption, thereby permitting God's love to permeate and transfigure their lives. As Charles Spurgeon stated, "There is no hearing Him who is the true Word of God until the noise within is hushed." In silence, the cacophony of inner dissonance subsides, making room for the redemptive and healing endeavors of God.


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