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Part 2 of Men’s Series - “Who is your Father?” (Happy May the Fourth!)

For this discussion on Fatherhood, and Sonship let’s refer to John Eldridge’s book Wild at Heart, one of my favorites, but when I first read it in 2000 I’ll just say it did not resonate with my heart at the time. I had been married a year and a half, felt that my story was complete, and I managed to not have a father wound or an unmet desire for adventure. Little did I know God had so much more, and I am grateful for the journey.

In Wild at Heart, John Eldredge delves deep into the heart of manhood, exploring the desires and longings that define masculinity. He paints a picture of God's design for men, inviting them to embrace their true selves and live out their calling with courage and authenticity.

Men are created in the image of God, designed for adventure, risk-taking, and noble pursuits. As men, our instincts and passions that stir within every man can urge us to reclaim our God-given masculinity in a world that constantly seeks to suppress it.

We all know that modern society has domesticated men, stifling their adventurous spirit and relegating them to mundane roles in cube farms and windowless offices with unmet adulthood expectations we all had as children as dreams to become astronauts, pilots, or firemen. True fulfillment can only be found by embracing your “wildness” and surrendering to your God-given adventure He has orchestrated for each one of us (good news here- as it turns out we can do in whatever profession we are in!)

So, let us embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, tapping into the depths of their souls to uncover their deepest desires and fears. Through prayer and fellowship with other men, we will reconnect with our true selves and rediscover the joy of living in alignment with God's purposes (ie our true manhood).

And let’s not forget to talk about the elephant in the room for many men, the importance of fatherhood – both earthly and God’s. Many men are wounded by the absence or inadequacy of their earthly father, which leads them to a sense of abandonment and even inadequacy. However, in the Bible, God gives us hope hope by reminding us that He is the ultimate Father who offers unconditional love, affirmation, and guidance to His children. By embracing their identity as beloved sons of God, men can find healing and restoration for their wounded hearts.

In addition, we must not forget the importance of brotherhood and community in the journey of manhood! Men always thrive in the company of other men, engaging in camaraderie, accountability, and shared adventure. Through authentic relationships with fellow men, we will find strength and encouragement.

The life as a Christ follower is a call to adventure, a call to authenticity, and a call to live fully alive in the love of the Father!

Interested in letting God heal the father wound in your life? We are having an in house “retreat at our location in Woodforest. Come join us! Reserve your spot on our website or reach out to us for help.

Two questions to reflect on manhood with your wife or friends:

  1. How does the concept of the "wild heart" resonate with your understanding of masculinity and spirituality? Or does this question trigger you?

  2. In what ways do you think modern society challenges men to conform to certain stereotypes or expectations?


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