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The Valentines Day Struggle is Real

Valentine's Day can often present a unique challenge for married couples. While the world paints a picture of passion and grand gestures, the reality for many couples is far more nuanced. The struggle lies in finding meaningful ways to express it amidst the routines of everyday life. In the early stages of a relationship, Valentine's Day is often filled with extravagant gestures, heartfelt declarations, and romantic surprises. However, as years pass and life's demands increase, the focus can shift from grand romantic gestures to the practicalities of maintaining a household, raising children, and managing careers.

The pressure to live up to societal expectations of Valentine's Day can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy or disappointment. Couples may find themselves comparing their own celebrations to the seemingly perfect portrayals on social media or in movies, leading to feelings of discontentment or resentment.

Yet, amidst the struggle, there lies an opportunity for deeper connection and intimacy within marriage. Rather than succumbing to the pressure of external expectations, couples can choose to redefine what Valentine's Day means to them and create traditions that reflect the unique bond they share.

So... what are some things you can do to make this into a week where you honor and love your spouse?

  1. Come home early one of the next two days of the week, and serve your spouse. Take the kids, arrange for a pedi.

  2. Tell your spouse "I will make that special meal." Just you and me.

  3. Ask your spouse questions about how they are doing. And listen. Learn. Seek to understand that husband or wife in a new way.

  4. Don't bicker or complain, if this is a thing you do (our family gets to this place at times). Not about the weather, the state of the world, or friends. Have gratitude instead.

  5. Share one thing really going on in your world.


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