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What is Christian Community?

New Testament community is often difficult for us to fathom at times, we can learn from a Christ-centered mission home for people with developmental disabilities in France. This community that was established in the mid 20th century offered a space where people with and without disabilities can reside together, learn from one another, and experience personal and spiritual development.

Here are 4 key aspects of this community as a true community of believers:

  1. Community Living: This model promotes mutual support and care among residents. Although we aren't living in shared spaces, it is biblical for us to share our resources with one another. Examples today in the US could be things like bringing dinners after a surgery, dropping in on a friend randomly after a hard day, calling someone to check in.

  2. Mutual Relationships: There a strong emphasis on fostering meaningful relationships between individuals with and without disabilities. The community values and acknowledges the strengths of each individual, creating an environment where all can contribute based on their abilities. No matter ability or background, we should seek to serve one another, listen to learn what the others needs are in our circles.

  3. Spiritual Growth: The community is firmly rooted in Christian values, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Jesus Christ, compassion, and love. Residents are encouraged to deepen their spirituality through practices such as prayer, reflection, and shared worship.

  4. Hands-On Care: Members of the community provide direct care and support to individuals with disabilities. This care is built on principles of respect, empathy, and a commitment to enhancing each person's quality of life.

Community is all of these and so much more, giving to each other whenever we see the need.


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