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Coming Fall 2024!

Are you looking for a
5 star, all inclusive marriage intensive?

In the Fall of 2024 we are having our first annual marriage retreat in beautiful Playa del Carmen Mexico! Come experience the oneness God wants all of us to have in our marriages.


We will spend 3+ hours each day in community during a larger group time (12 total couples), a small group sharing time (4 couples), and with our leader couple (just 1 couple plus the leader couple). This time will intensify and increase your ability to see God's design for oneness in your marriage.


What's a marriage without adventure? It adds to the excitement of life, and understanding that God wants us to encounter things anew and for us to be surprised by the wonderful power of an intentional getaway. Activites at the beach, outreach, water and more could be a part of this for you.

Quality Time

Life is busy at home. We have designed a time for you and your spouse to understand how even a little quality time each day reminds us of the love we have for one another.


Connect with your spouse as you were meant to by God's design, for us to be one, and to learn how to stay connected even after the retreat with our after care program that allows for 3 more meetings with your leader couple after the retreat is over.


Learn the art of healthy communication with your spouse, and come away from your time with the Woodforest Counseling team with practical and tested biblical tools as we walk with you.

Love for Jesus in your Marriage

Is Jesus in our marriages? How do we invite him in to our marriage relationship? Tips and tricks will never work, but an individual pursuit of Jesus shared with your spouse is the central purpose of marriage as we teach and live in our own marriages as displayed in the Bible.

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