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Why should I "Do" Church?

A topic that comes up often in our sessions and conversations throughout the week is “why church?”

Families and marriages are increasingly falling away from life in the Church in America and the west more broadly. The Church seems too holy, unlike me, who is hurting, doubting God, and full of sin. But, what is the truth about Church? What can the role of Church be for you if you let it? Does it have to be the Church you grew up with, pipe organs, robes, holiness abounding? Or is it something more?

We will describe here just a few of the things that Church can be for you. It is a beautiful place where families discover Godly connections, witness the work of God in the local body, and actively participate in the kingdom of God and serving (as we are the hands and feet of Jesus).

Participating in Work of God locally:

Church is not a spectator sport but an active engagement with God in the community, whether in greater Houston or elsewhere. Here, we become co-conspirators in the God’s narrative, offering our unique gifts and stories to enrich the collective tapestry. It is a call to see the beauty in brokenness, to engage with the messy reality of lives transformed, and to be agents of redemption in the communities we call serve.

Serving Each Other:

To make a meal, to drop a line, to pop in on someoene to appreciate them, these are all ways we can simply serve one another. In the act of serving, we not only meet the needs of others but discover the profound truth that we are all in need of one another. We do this for each other and receiving this sort of love is as important as giving.

Immersing in Prayer and Worship:

Within the walls of a church, prayer and worship become portals to the mystical. It is a space where the Spirit moves in mysterious ways, binding hearts together in a communion that transcends the tangible. In prayer and worship, we experience God's presence in the midst of the life around us.

Biblical Teaching:

Obviously Biblical teaching would be on this list! The Bible is not a static text but a living, breathing guide for our expedition of faith. Through pastors faithfully teaching the word, we get a chance to learn and be changed by the truth in the Bible.

In this life, there is a thread woven with the purpose of community, fellowship, and growth in God's love. If you have questions about how to engage the local church, or need encouragement, please don’t hesitate to to ask. The loyal servants of God in our communities are here for you as they serve God’s people. Do not forget how precious you are to Him!


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