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Your Walk With God...

One Year from Now: Where Could You Be If You Decide to Follow God?

Imagine waking up one year from today and reflecting on the journey you've embarked upon by choosing to follow God. This conversation came out of a transformed life that one year ago decided to give their life fully over to God and the transformation that ensued. If you did the same thing our dear friend did in 2023, ask the following questions:

What would you know that you do not know today about God's power and purpose for your life? What could your life look like? What transformations might unfold? Let's explore the possibilities that await those who open their hearts to God's guidance and grace.

1. Spiritual Growth:

One year from now, you could find yourself standing on the solid ground of spiritual growth, having opened up a deepened relationship with God through prayer, meditation, and communion with other committed believers. Each day spent in communion with Jesus will bring peace, clarity, and purpose to your life.

2. Personal Transformation:

As you surrender to God's will, you will undergo personal transformation, shedding old habits and patterns that no longer serve you. With God's guidance, you will find the strength to overcome challenges, heal from past wounds, and embrace your true identity as a beloved, as God sees you.

3. Deeper Connections:

In the journey of following God, you will discover a newfound sense of belonging and community as you connect with fellow believers who share your faith and values. Through fellowship, and service to others, you will open up deep and lasting relationships that uplift and support you.

4. Purposeful Living:

With God as your compass, you will find yourself living with greater intentionality and purpose, aligning your actions and decisions with divine wisdom and guidance. Whether in your career, relationships, or daily interactions, you may find opportunities to be a beacon of light and love in the world, making a positive impact on those around you.

These are only the start of what God is purposing to do in our lives. And in a short amount of time, he will transform your heart!


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