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5 Daily Marriage Essentials

In marriage, we know its essential to carve out sacred spaces for connection and intimacy. The following list is what we have found are great things to do each day in our marriage and countless other marriages. Although it's not exhaustive, it's meant to give us a few great ideas to break up the everyday monotony we can all feel at times. We have drawn this list from mentors, friends, pastors, and leaders in our lives. Enjoy!

1. 12 Non-Sexual Touches: Physical touch can be something that speaks volumes without words. We put these touches to be non-sexual for a lot of folks out there who may not understand the importance of touch as a reset and grounding. 12 intentional, non-sexual touches every day can easily transform your spouse into someone who trusts you in a new way. A hug that lingers, a hand gently holding another—these are just a few ideas.

2. Ask "How I Can Help?" and "What Do You Need From Me?": In marriage, mutual support is the compass that guides your journey. Muster up your strength (because this one is unnatural to a lot of us) ask your partner, "How can I help today" and"What do you need from me?" These are both declarations that you're in this together, watching and listening for your spouse's response.

3. Daily Cuddling: A daily ritual of cuddling. It's not just physical proximity; it's a sacred pause, a moment where the world fades away, leaving only the warmth of your shared presence. In these embraces, you find solace, strength, and a refuge from our busy days. By the way, cuddling can oftentimes lead to other things, especially if we have done number 1!

4. Laugh Together: Laughter is the music of the soul. Find joy in the simple, the mundane, and the fun. Share a joke, reminisce about adventures, or watch the world with a childlike wonder. Do this often! Remember that life is meant to be lived with fun.

5. Pray Together: Prayer is your sacred communion with God. Joining hearts in prayer, you and your partner invite a higher purpose into your union.

So, let these daily rhythms become the canvas on which your story unfolds. Time to start trying these basics, in the everyday moments of your marriage.


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