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What To Do When Conflict Happens (Don't be a “WENI!”)

From a sermon I loved at Watermark Community Church in Dallas on conflict, I wanted to share the message "Don't Be a 'WENI': Christlike Communication" from Watermark Community Church."

The term "WENI" stands for "withdraw, escalate, negatively interpret, and invalidate. These are traits we can see pop up when we have a conflict with a loved one. When one of these 4 main behaviors surface, here are a few tips to do instead:

1. Listening Actively: Just as Christ listened and understood those around Him, believers are encouraged to genuinely listen to others, demonstrating empathy and understanding. This fosters a sense of respect and connection.

2. Speaking Truth in Love: Balancing truth with grace is crucial. It's about being honest and straightforward without being harsh or insensitive. This approach is modeled after Ephesians 4:15, where believers are called to speak the truth in love.

3. Avoiding Harmful Speech: Negative, hurtful, or gossiping speech can damage relationships and does not reflect Christlike behavior. Ephesians 4:29 emphasizes the importance of using words that build others up according to their needs.

4. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Just as Christ forgives and seeks reconciliation, believers are encouraged to forgive others and mend broken relationships through humble and sincere communication.

5. Encouragement and Edification: Words have the power to uplift and encourage. The message underscores the importance of using communication to strengthen and edify others, promoting unity and love within the community.

By adopting these principles, individuals can transform their interactions to be more Christlike, thereby positively impacting their relationships and communities. This kind of communication not only reflects the teachings of Jesus but also enhances personal and communal well-being.

For further exploration of these principles and practical tips on implementing Christlike communication, you can visit the Watermark Community Church's message page( From Watermark Community Church | Dallas, Texas | Watermark Community Church(


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