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Part 1 of Men's Series - Attention Men! Are You Emotionally Challenged? Read On...

I spent much of my life not understading feelings, emotions, etc. I had a low EQ. I lacked empathy and the ability to communicate and even build deep relationships. Through years of healing in those areas and coming to an understanding of God's love, emotional awareness has come with it. In addition to this new understanding of God's love for me, I learned a few tricks along the way that furthered my emotional well-being. Here are a few emotions "reps" you can work on in your own life.

  1. Quiet prayer (some call it Meditation): Sit quietly, focus on your breath, and observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment. This practice helps develop a greater awareness of your internal state. Listening to God speak requires you not to talk!

  2. Journaling: Reflecting on your day and expressing your emotions on paper can provide valuable insights into your thought patterns and triggers. It also serves as an outlet for processing emotions.

  3. Seek Feedback: Ask your, family members, or a therapist for feedback on your emotional expression. Their perspectives can offer valuable insights into blind spots or patterns you may not be aware of. Be open to receiving constructive criticism with humility and grace.

  4. Understand others: Strengthen your empathy muscle by seeking to actively listen to others and trying to understand their emotions. Engage in meaningful conversations that allow you to step into someone else’s shoes and see the world from their perspective. This practice fosters compassion and deepens your emotional intelligence.

Enjoy this short list of exercises you can practice. This will transform your relationships, as you get an understanding that living at peace with one another as Paul says in the New Testament comes with emotional self awareness and humility. Going about your relationships with humiility and grace will open you up for God providing His perspective on others, and will add to your emotional intelligence!!


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